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For the Love of earth hair conditioner bar is made by blending Argan oil, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, Olive wax, Shea butter and coconut oil with Rosemary essential oil and Clary sage essential oil. 

Each ingredient has been carefully selected for their specific hair care properties, together they will improve the texture, strength and structure of your hair, leaving it nourished and moisturised. 

We recommend with our conditioner bar that you use the 'REVERSE WASHING' method. As the conditioner is just a block of oils and butters without the 80% water that bottled conditioners contain it won't just rinse out with water, so you need to condition first, shampoo second!


1. Wet your hair and rub the conditioner bar into wet hands

2 massage the conditioner into just the bottom 1/3 of your hair and comb through.

3 at this point you could wrap your hair in a t-shirt for a deep treatment or wash straight out.

4. Wet your hair again, lather the shampoo bar in your hands and use the lather to wash your hair.

5. The first wash will break down the barrier of the conditioner. Rinse and repeat washing until your hair feels squeaky clean.

6. Style as normal.

When using both our shampoo and conditioner bars you will probably find that you won't need to condition every time you shampoo. 

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Was really sceptical about this conditioner but really softens your hair not greasy and was able to style my hair as usual . Would definitely recommend this conditioner

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